JUMPING TODS Jumping castles hire out inflatables for full day OR half day:

Summer seasons: 

Half day:  (08h30 - 13h00)  OR  (14h00-18h30)
Full day:  (08h30 - 18h00)

Winter seasons:

Half day:  (08h30 - 13h00) OR (13h00 - 18h00)
Full day:  (08h30 - 18h00)

Hiring prices as follows:  (Excluding delivery fees)

Standard 3m x 3m Jumping castle's (Unisex) R 300 Half day R 450 Full day

Standard 3m x 3m Jumping Castle (Pink / purple) R 330 Half day R 480 Full day

Standard 4m x 4m Jumping castle's  R 300 Half day /  R 450  Full day

3-in-1 Jumping Castle with pond  3m x 6m    R 350 Half day / R 500 full day

12 m  Waterslides  R 300 Half day /  R 450  Full day

10m Waterslides  R 300 Half day / R450 Full day

8m Waterslides  R 300 Half day / R 450 Full day

Standard 3m x 4m Jumping castle R 300 Half day / R 450 Full day

Super Wave Slide 9m (l) x 4m(h)    R 500 Half day / R 800 Full day

Toddler Slide & pond (4m x 3m)   R 350 Half day / R 450 Full day

Toddler Mini Castle  R 250 Half day  R 350 Full day


*Make sure everyone takes their shoes off! No eating,
drinking, smoking or fire near or on the JUMPING CASTLES!
*Adult supervision is required! JUMPING TODS JUMPING CASTLES
will take NO responsibility for ANY injuries what so ever.
*Keep away from the blower! It is dangerous and should not be handled by kids at all!
*All damages incurred to fun items or blowers while in possession of the hirer will be payable by the hirer in full!

*If the weather sets in and it starts to rain, make sure to deflate the JUMPING CASTLE, fold it in half and take the blower out of the rain, put the blower under cover! You would have to
replace it should anything happen to it!!


* 50% Deposit is required on hiring of any Jumping Castle
* The balance is payable before or on the day of delivery/collection of your Jumping Castle, payments must clear in our account before
   any jumping castles will be released proof of payment required should you pay before collection
 * Proof of payment can be sent to either my fax or e-mail.
Please use reference number given when making payment – we might not know who made the actual payment
   if you don’t 


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